Catalyst Lab

Facilitating personal, community and global healing and well-being

What is Catalyst Lab?

Catalyst Lab is a “collaboratory” – a global “collaborative laboratory” for practice and experimentation at the intersection of personal and planetary transformation. It’s a community of practice, rather than a course or training.


We are called to come together in community to deepen our capacity to create connection, heal polarization, and facilitate life-enriching transformation in ourselves, in our communities, and in the world.


In Catalyst Lab we embody a range of practices for facilitating individual and collective well-being, including:

• Community Building and Microsolidarity
• Authentic Relating
• Conscious Engagement with Power and Privilege
• Internal Family Systems and Trauma-Informed Healing
• Nonviolent Communication
• Conflict Facilitation and Restorative Justice
• Self-Organizing and Reinventing Organizations
• Collaborative Governance and Decision-Making
• Cooperative Economics

Enhancing Your Existing Community

If you have people you are already collaborating or in community with, and for whom Catalyst Lab’s purpose also resonates, we invite you to extend an invitation to at least 1-2 of them to join Catalyst Lab with you, so that Catalyst Lab can complement and enhance your existing community and work.


12 week Spring Season from late March to late June, 2021, with two options:

Cohort A

Begins Tuesday 23rd March


8:00-10:00 Ireland/UK

9:00-11:00 Central Europe

10:00-12:00 Eastern Europe

13:30-15:30 India

16:00-18:00 China

17:00-19:00 Korea/Japan

21:00-23:00 New Zealand

Cohort B

Begins on Friday 26th March


10:00-12:00 California

13:00-15:00 New York/Colombia

17:00-19:00 Ireland/UK

18:00-20:00 Central Europe

19:00-21:00 Eastern Europe

22:30-00:30 India

6:00-8:00 (Saturdays) New Zealand

* Please note: The above times are for the 1st session of Catalyst Lab. In some time zones timing will shift by one hour during the 12 weeks, due to daylight savings time. There is a Catalyst Lab Google Calendar which will indicate these shifts.

Rhythm of Sessions

Weeks alternate between a Community Learning Session and a Pod Practice Session

Community Learning Sessions

Session 1

Creating the Container and Getting Connected

Session 2

Welcoming All Parts, Welcoming All Voices

Session 3

Seeing Systems, Seeing the Big Picture

Session 4

Connecting to Self and Other

Session 5

Cultivating Healing, Coherence and Justice

Session 6

Feedback and Feedforward

Book your spot


Please note: spaces in Catalyst Lab are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply as soon as possible if you are interested.

Catalyst Lab Information Sessions

If you would like more information to make a decision about joining, or you want to meet some of the people involved in Catalyst Lab, come to one of the two Catalyst Lab Information Sessions on Tuesday, February 23rd

Can’t make it? Sign up to our mailing list below to receive the recording.

Info Session 1


8:00-9:00 Ireland/UK

9:00-10:00 Central Europe

10:00-11:00 Eastern Europe

13:30-14:30 India

16:00-17:00 China

17:00-18:00 Korea/Japan

21:00-22:00 New Zealand

Info Session 2


10:00-11:00 California

13:00-14:00 New York/Colombia

18:00-19:00 Ireland/UK

19:00-20:00 Central Europe

20:00-21:00 Eastern Europe

23:30-00:30 India

7:00-8:00 (Wednesday) New Zealand

Don't Be Shy

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