Purpose & Principles


We are a worldwide community of people aspiring to take wise and courageous action to address the complex challenges of our time – climate disruption, racism and nationalism, economic inequality, political divisiveness, species extinction, etc – in ways that create connection, heal separation, and serve the well-being of all life. We believe that engaging these polarizing challenges requires us to hold multiple perspectives, ground our action in inner and interpersonal work, and cultivate embodied understanding of individual and collective trauma and oppression.


Systemic Transformation: We catalyze collective liberation by transforming domination systems and culture into systems of life-enriching partnership, and by creating alternative systems – of governance, economics, justice, technology, etc – that serve life.

Wholeness & Healing Separation: We embody a whole-person and whole-system approach, healing divisiveness and separation, cultivating intrapersonal, interpersonal, and systemic coherence and health, including all parts and all people.

Self-Organizing: We collaborate to share leadership and decision-making, coming together to create a complex and evolving whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Diversity of People & Approaches: We value the wisdom and health that arises from welcoming and integrating diverse perspectives and voices, recognizing that no one person, teaching, or group has all the answers.

Accessible: We aspire to meet people where they are, making the complex easy to understand and relate to, and helping people take meaningful steps toward more life-enriching ways of being in the world.