Thank you

Maia & John!


With your generous support in 2019-2020, we are deeply grateful for all we have been able to accomplish, and all that is still unfolding. We could never have done this without you!

• The Cultural Catalyst Network – the global network of change agents we founded – has taken big strides in the past year. We have a committed team of 15 people from four continents, ranging from a nonviolent democracy activist in Hong Kong, to a Jamaican-Canadian facilitator working on diversity and access issues. More on CCN’s projects below.

• Most significant of all for us, with the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we rapidly shifted our work on-line and in April 2020 we just launched the first two cohorts of the Transformational Leadership Path, an intensive  training program & practice community dedicated to personal, community & planetary well-being & transformation. We have over 40 people from a dozen countries – in the TLP Pacific and TLP Atlantic cohorts – who meet twice weekly on-line for learning and practice sessions. Here is a simple slideshow describing what we’re up to. We are being deeply nourished by this project, and already have a sense of the future potential of this initiative.

• We have both continued to be deeply involved as volunteer trainers, facilitators, and consultants for a variety of non-profits and movements for social justice and the environment. One meaningful example is that we had the opportunity to support  Extinction Rebellion Seattle with conflict mediation as they grappled with internal conflict regarding issues of diversity, access and inclusion. Also, below is a photo from last summer’s Annual Fellowship of Reconciliation NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA, where we served as trainers.

• We continue to serve as pro bono consultants and members of the Training Collective for the Yet-To-Be-Named network, a national network dedicated to nonviolent direct action at the intersection of climate justice and racial equity. Currently, Karl is on the core “DNA” team for that network as we complete our member on-boarding, handbook, and network practices.

• Being deeply inspired by what we’ve discovered of the personal and collective healing and transformation potential of Internal Family Systems (IFS), we both have begun intensive training in this modality. For one example of how IFS is being used in the world, see this video on the healing of collective trauma using IFS.

• We have deepened our involvement as core team members of the Northwest ecovillage project (which currently has what we consider an unfortunate placeholder name: NW AgriVillage).

• We also created a fund to support whole-system approach projects led by POC, and we are currently organizing an IFS training for BIPOC leadership.

There’s more, but we don’t want to bore you! Thanks for reading this much. Please know what HUGE gift your support is and has been to us.

With so much love and thanks, Aimee and Karl