Be The Change

co-creating transformational community & culture


Be The Change is a gathering exploring how we can live our full aliveness, cultivate conscious communities, and co-create a world that works for all life!

Be The Change is:

    • a celebration of the joy, creativity, and liberation of living authenticity
    • a laboratory for transformational learning and collective empowerment
    • a call to embody your gift of service in the world

Together, we explore a range of approaches & practices for whole-person & whole-system transformation, including:

Personal / Inner Transformation

  • Deepening Self-Connection & Self-Empowerment
  • Internal Family Systems • Parts Work
  • Clarifying Life Purpose & Vision
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Authentic Movement & Play

Interpersonal / Community Transformation

  • Co-Creating Conscious Community
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Conscious Touch & the Wheel of Consent
  • Process Work

Systemic / World Transformation

  • World Work
  • Whole-System Social Change
  • Collaborative Economics
  • Ecovillage Design


Format: One of the most transformational aspects of Be The Change is its design. The gathering includes a facilitated flow of sessions, complemented by the empowerment of Open Space Technology -– an approach to group process fostering self-organization and leadership by all.

Through this format, all who attend the gathering are encouraged and supported to identify their own needs and authentic action. There are abundant and flexible opportunities for learning, sharing, co-creation, relaxation, play, and whatever else your heart desires…and you request!

Upcoming Be The Change Gatherings

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