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Hello! We’re excited to invite you to join the CCN Foundations Course

This 6-week course is an opportunity to join a collaborative social innovation laboratory consisting of:

  • Weekly facilitated community learning sessions (90 minutes)
  • Weekly small group practice sessions (90 minutes)
  • Optional additional learning sessions, learning materials, and connection and collaboration opportunities


Two options:
Sundays (Mondays in Asia/Oceania) • 21st February – 28th March 2021
10:00–11:30am Los Angeles / 6:00–7:30pm London / 9:00–10:30pm Nairobi / 7:00–8:30am (+1) Auckland
– or –
Mondays (Tuesdays in Asia/Oceania) • 22nd February – 29th March 2021
6:00–7:30pm Los Angeles / 7:30–9:00am (+1) Delhi / 10:00–11:30am (+1) Hong Kong / 1:00–2:30pm (+1) Sydney

“The ultimate goal in life is…to become the truest expression of ourselves, to live into authentic selfhood, to honor our birthright gifts and callings, and be of service to humanity and our world.”

― Frederic Laloux

The CCN Foundations Course is:

  • a laboratory for transformational learning and collective empowerment
  • a call to embody your vocation in service to a world that works for all life
  • a celebration of the joy, creativity, and liberation of living authenticity


The Foundations Course grew out of our desire to come together with others who are passionate about making a difference in the world through engaging and embodying three levels of transformation – personal, community, and systemic. The course provides hands-on exploration of personal and collective transformation practices, and supports the forming and deepening of interdependent community.


Are you someone…


…who cares deeply about the world and is committed to building a sustainable future with equity and justice for all?

…seeking a peer community of support to deepen your capacity and impact?

…inspired to find companionship in integrating personal, interpersonal, and global transformation?


Do you want to make a difference?


Humanity is in the midst of an unprecedented process of global transformation.

We are called to come together with others to take wise and courageous action to address the complex social and ecological challenges of our time.

The CCN Foundations Course is a 6-week transformational community experience activating and supporting participants to co-create a world that works for all life. Through collaborative learning and action, this course integrates CCN’s essential practices for personal, interpersonal and systemic transformation.

Why participate?

Stronger Together

We are most powerful and effective when we work together across cultures and sectors to solve complex problems.

The Whole System is Connected

Addressing society’s greatest challenges requires an embodied understanding of how our lived experiences are shaped by systems we live in, and vice-versa.

Learning & Action Go Hand-in-Hand

Wise and creative action arises from a strong connection to our inner world, our local and global communities, and our capacity to activate change in the systems we live in.

Our approach


We’re dedicated to supporting leaders to co-create a world that works for all life.


A whole-person and whole-system approach

Addressing complex challenges requires an understanding of personal, interpersonal and systemic transformation. In the Foundations Course, we explore essential approaches and practices integrating all three levels of transformation to inform wise and creative action.


Thriving together

This course sets a foundation for engaging in the year-long Transformational Leadership Path and accessing the ongoing wider Cultural Catalyst Network community.

As the Cultural Catalyst Network we are activating a global community of creators and collaborators engaging in life-enriching projects, while embedded in deep emotional support and thriving economic interdependence.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe embracing diversity is an essential element to our goal to co-create a world that works for all life. To that end, we are actively committed to deepening awareness and transformation of oppressive power dynamics and to activating voices and perspectives of people of color and marginalized voices. While we recognize the profound challenges of doing so, we aspire to create a welcoming and supportive learning environment for all.


Together, we embody and integrate a range of approaches and practices for whole-person and whole-system transformation, including…

Personal / Inner Transformation

  • Deepening Self-Connection and Self-Empowerment
  • Clarifying Life Purpose and Vision
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Meditation and Mindfulness

Interpersonal/Community Transformation

  • Co-Creating Conscious Community
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Process Work
  • Collaborative Decision-Making
  • Conflict Facilitation

Systemic/World Transformation

  • Addressing Power and Privilege
  • Whole-System Social Change
  • Collaborative Economics & Microsolidarity

Learning Outcomes


In this engaging 6-week transformational learning and action journey, you can expect to…

    • Understand how personal, interpersonal and systemic transformation are interrelated in the field of social change
    • Understand the challenges and opportunities of the current reality  (Climate Change, Political and Social Unrest, Loss of Biodiversity, Inequality, Violence etc.) and what is possible
    • Recognize that the breakdown of old systems contains opportunities for new ones
    • Develop your ability to be self-directed, self-responsible and self-loving
    • Develop your capacity to recognize and transform enemy images and identity projections
    • Practice integrating polarities such as play/work, feminine/masculine, structure/flow
    • Express your personal purpose more fully through collaborative projects in community
    • Develop the capacity to engage dynamics of power and privilege in life-serving ways
    • Practice engaging with others in systems of mutual support
    • Deepen your capacity and motivation to catalyze systemic change
    • Become better able to recognize and de-escalate political/cultural polarizations
    • Develop your capacity to take compassionate, nonviolent action in the world
    • Have the potential for your livelihood and work in the world to be supported by a network of economic interdependence

Learning Format


Our shared exploration is designed to be highly engaging and immersive by integrating four powerful learning approaches.

Community Learning Sessions

Whole-group sessions of 20 – 30 people, online via Zoom, including opportunities for practice and exploration in smaller groups.

Pod Practice

Peer group learning and action sessions made up of groups of 4-6 people

Buddy Support Calls

1-on-1 peer sessions for emotional resilience, process practice and/or accountability

Self study

Reviewing select readings and other media recommended by the facilitators

Dates & Commitment



Option 1: 21st February – 28th March 2021, 10:00 – 11:30 PT, Sundays

Option 2: 22nd February – 29th March 2021, 18:00 – 19:30 PT, Mondays


Online via Zoom

Weekly time investment

90-minute Community Learning Sessions

90-minute Pod Practice

60-minute Self study


Recordings of each Community Learning Session will be made available to all participants after each session.

Handouts, practice guides and study resources for Pod Practices will also be provided.

Course preparation:

We have cultivated a robust collection of resources in support of this work. We recommend you read and explore some of the CCN Recommended Resources before the start of the course.

Financial Contribution


Supported contribution: US$295

Standard contribution: US$595

Supporter contribution: US$895

Super supporter contribution: US$1,795


We believe that to truly create a world that works for all we need a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives represented. We want to ensure this program is accessible to all, regardless of one’s ability to contribute financially. We offer scholarships to contribute to equity of access to learning and participation.

Our scholarships are primarily funded by Supporter and Super Supporter contributions so we ask you to be as generous as you are able.

To request a scholarship, please write to us at We invite you to write to us even if you’re not sure if you qualify for a scholarship.

Our scholarship fund is primarily allocated to support BIPOC, dedicated activists and/or individuals from other economically marginalized groups.

Meet the Team

Karl Steyaert

Jocelyn Ames

Dan Mahle

Hosting Team

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